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  1. This club for active employees and retirees Healthcare retired at Healthcare or one of its predecessor companies (e.g. PMSN, Philips Rontgen) and member of the Philips Pension fund.
  2. Employees with not a Philips salary number (e.g. PMS...), can become a member as long as they are actively working in Healthcare. The membership ends at the end of the year that they are no longer active in Healthcare.
  3. A member of a group of people designated by the board can also sign up using the form below. They have to fill in the catagory "Others".

The anual membership fee is €20. The one-time subscription fee is €5.

The membershop fee must be paid before 31 January. If not, membership is lost and the one-time subscription fee must be paid again.

The membership fee can be paid at the register of CCMS or by tranfer the money to Rabo Bank account:
IBAN: NL42 RABO 0178 2166 23
To: ComputerClub Medical Systems

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