Computer Club Medical Systems


Privacy Policy

Will only share your data with other organizations in order to carry out the intended transaction Does not share the data it collects about you with advertisers Require the government to comply, at a minimum, with the legal process provided by the law before getting users’ data

1 Policy Statement

The right to privacy ( can be interpreted as the right not to be bothered. Furthermore the right to Privacy is a cornerstone for other basic rights, especially those related to individual freedom. Privacy entails more than the protection of your personal environment. Privacy also entails the individual to right act without this act to become public knowledge, or this knowledge to be used or misused by outsiders. When outsiders use Personal Information, an individual has the right to know the extent of this usage and what the consequences will be.

Computer Club Medical Systems (CCMS) will do its utmost to protect your Privacy by applying confidentiality and security measures to your Personal Information.

2 Collecting data

2.1 Legislation

To all activities regarding the collection and processing of Personal Information the Dutch Data Protection Act ( applies.

From May 25 2018 onwards, the new law about privacy will go in effect for all countries of the European Union. General Data Protection Regulation (

2.2 The data we collect
2.3 The data is collected for:

3 Sharing of Personal Information

3.1 Sharing data with Third parties

CCMS wil not share Personal Information with third parties.

When a third party is assigned a task by the CCMS organization which absolutely requires this information to perform set task an exception is made. In this case only that data will be shared to that third party which is required to complete the assingment. We require that this party agrees to process such information based on our instructions and in compliance with this Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

3.2 Sharing data with Government Agencies

CCMS will only provide Personal Information to government agencies when legally obliged to do so, or when an injunction is received.

4 Accessing Personal Information

4.1 Accessing Personal Information

Members have the right to access their Personal Information collected and stored by CCMS.

For this purpose you may sent a request to

You will receive a reply within a two week period.

4.2 Changing Personal Information

Members have the right to rectify Personal Infomation and to object to the storage of their data for legitimate purposes.

For this purpose you may sent a request to

CCMS is obliged to act on your request within a period of four weeks.

5 Removal of Personal Information

Whenever your CCMS membership is terminated, your Personal Information wil be erased as soon as possible. It may however be necessary for the continuation of the CCMS organization that (some) data needs to be retained for a short period. Depending on your (former) function(s) within the CCMS organization this may take a few days to a couple of months. Statistical data, for example the number of members per year or the number of members per activity group, remains the property of the CCMS organization.