Computer Club Medical Systems



The microcontroler group dedicates itself to the development, production, testing and use of applications for hobbies and home improvement.

This group meets every two weeks and consists of 10 technical retired former employees.

Technical problems are discussed, ideas exchanged and projects implemented.

At this moment we work on projects, regarding the Internet Of Things.

Closed Project GLW

GLW stands for Gas, Light, Water, as it was called, ages ago.

The GLW project monitors gas, electricity and water, both consumption and meter reading.

Also temperature (up to 7 measuring points), humidity and air pressure are measured.

All values are stored and can later be viewed offline in graphs.

For this, a unit is developed with an Arduino Mega, a network printed circuit board and a self developed GLW printed circuit board.

On the Arduino the GLW software is active and also web software Which can be viewed on a pc or a tablet.

Current Project CVshield

CVshield consists of a small unit at the heating boiler, which monitors the OpenTherm communication between the heating boiler and thermostat.

This unit is made of a self developed printed circuit board and a Wemos D1 mini processor with Wi-Fi.

Carbon monoxide, temperature (up to 6 measuring points), humidity and water leakage are also measured.

Information from the CVshield is send via Wi-Fi to a Raspberry Pi (standalone computer) with a MQTT (message protocol) server.

This MQTT server converts the data via NodeRed (grafical programming application), to be viewed on a pc or a tablet and stores the data in a database.

The software is currently being developed and is already at an advanced stage.

Next Project P1shield

This project is similar to the CVshield project.

The P1shield receives data from the P1 poort of a smart meter.

This unit also consists of a self-developed printed circuit board, plus a Wemos D1 mini processor with Wi-Fi.

Gas leakage, temperature (up to 6 measuring points), humidity, air pressure and water leakage are also measured.

Processing of the acquired data is done in the same way as with the CV shield.