Computer Club Medical Systems


Photo club and Photo editing

After the summer of 2009 it suddenly started to bubble. The holiday pictures were nice, but could it be better ? Reasen to investigate if it was possible to start a photo club ... somewhere.

At the homepage of the Computer Club Medical Systems there seemed to be already a tab "Fotogroep", but the data showed to be far out of date. On the 24th of november 2009 a group of "fresh" photo enthousiasts have made a new start.

Mont Saint Michel at the French coast


The main goal of the photo group is Being creative with the camera!

If technic is nessesary it's fine, as long as it's accompanied with examples; why another shutter time/ diafragm or other parameter should have given a better picture.

View from an airplane, the snow covered mountains of Iceland

What we do on an evening

When everyone has arrived at five o'clock, the party can begin! While the chairman is making coffee, we are already enthusiasticly exchanging our experiences.

Photo group members take pictures of course, that's why we spent a lot of time watching the pictures others have taken. Would you have taken the picture in this way? We try to get ourselves on a higher level by giving positive critics to each other.

Although watching pictures is an important part of our meetings, it often happens we change subject, because we have to exchange information first.

Equestrian in Deurne


Who has never heard of Photoshop? It almost has become a dutch verb: "fotoshoppen", or even shorter "shoppen" ... But have you ever heard of Lightroom? It's a software program specially made for photographers focussing on workflow: Importing photos, improve them a little, print and/or publish. Within the group there was some experience with the program, but not enough. One of the members has given a workshop in which he shared his experiences with those who were not familiar."where to pay attention to" and "what's the right method".


Do you know this feeling?: "In my opinion the grass is greener at the neighbors, than here on this picture!". Yes, you probably just like me, have connected the monitor to the PC and you have accepted the well known Windows principle "what you see is what you get". Well forget it! The workshop "Monitor calibration" has very convincingly approved that the same jpg on a none calibrated screen looks very different on a calibrated screen. There are several software programs (freeware) which can improve the monitor adjustment solidly, but a calibration tool will be necessary to get the best out of the monitor.


The end of each session is ended with the question: "Which subject shall we discuss next time?".

Lightprojection on a road

As you can see, choises enough.

If there is a possibility, we go out to shoot pictures on location.

Also became enthusiastic? By all means please come and see!

Old road with bycicle